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Air Disinfection UVELIOS 100

The UVELIOS® 100 wall mounted unit is used for effective air disinfection in rooms that are not connected to a central air conditioning system. Due to its closed construction, the UVELIOS® 100 can be used in rooms where people are constantly present.

The device is equipped with two high power UVC lamps and is suitable for disinfecting rooms with an air volume of up to 100 m³. The integrated fans, for active air circulation promote a high air volume with minimum noise emission.

Air disinfection system for closed rooms

Areas of prevention

  • Office and production rooms
  • Schools
  • Preschools
  • Public institutions
  • Packaging material storage
  • Waiting rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Patient rooms in hospitals


  • Compact design and easy installation
  • High-quality lamps, life 10,000 h
  • Integrated operating hours counter signals timely lamp replacement
  • Simple maintenance by changing the tubes, no other wearing parts are present in the UVELIOS® 100
  • Simple plug and play system for conventional house network, at the push of a button, with immediate effect, ready for use
  • Available colors: Traffic white or traffic grey

Product features

  • Robust industrial housing
  • Ready to use delivery
  • Easy installation
  • Low noise emission
  • Long lamp life time
  • Efficient reduction of the airborne germ level

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