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Weighing Systems

Weighing systems can be classified into 2 categories, Inline Weighing Systems and Static Weighing Systems.

Nemesis Inline Weighing Systems

Since 1976 Nemesis designs, builds and installs quality control weighing systems using advanced technology.


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Inline Weighing Systems Options


  • Checkweighing
  • Weighing/Metal Detection
  • Weighing/Barcoding
  • Weighing/Labelling


ACS Electrical Systems are in partnership with Nemesis.         

  • Sales, Installation and Service of Checkweighers & Inline Combination Units
  • Calibration of all makes of Checkweighers and Combination units

Static Weighing Systems

We also Sell, Install, Commission and Service  “stand alone” weighing systems, including:


  • Laboratory Scales, Bench type scales, wall scales, pallet scales, etc.
  • Calibration of “stand alone” scales
  • Supply of Certified weights – NSAI Standards

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Office: +353 1 452 4838

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